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A picture is worth a thousand words

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July 20, 2017

A picture is worth a thousand words. Why then do I even bother to write?

A picture is worth a thousand words. My words would pale beside the photographs taken during the recent FNP staff outing – to be precise – photographs taken during a workshop given by last year’s National
Geographic nature photographer of the year. Why then do I even bother to write?

Because words do have a role in expressing the joy all of us had in the Leersum forest. Words can express thanks to Jacob Kaptein, the young photographer and Wageningen forestry management student, who already has several prestigious photography prizes to his credit. Jacob has a spacious wonder for the world around him. Seeing, like William Blake, ‘a world in a grain of sand and a heaven in a wild flower’, he writes in his website that he is fascinated by colours, forms, dimensions and dynamics, and the more he pays attention to these, the more they draw his attention.

After his inspirational briefing, the FNP wannabe’s – armed with pocket cameras to sophisticated zooms with years of trusted service or merely borrowed for the day – fanned out to vantage points in search of what nature had to offer on this rather humid July afternoon.  The results were shots of dancing bees, doe-eyed calves, rough tree barks harbouring shadows under their flakiness, slender mushrooms, waving grasses, winding paths and fallen branches reflected in the coolness of water puddles. Jim van Laar, who organised the outing, says these will go into FNP’s photo library for publications, education or other informative materials. And you would be extraordinary to have read up to here without being distracted by some of these shots (mouse on click to enlarge). The group photograph was taken by Jacob himself.

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  • Az

    Small yet bigly.

  • Tong Teck

    Words and pictures are like music and lyrics to a great song. Each can stand on its own but together, they become a masterpiece. And I see a great symphony in what you have done here kEEN, and it is great. We are often so engrossed in making a living that we forget and neglect God's greatest creation, our environment, and thanks for sharing it with us. Your blog and Suzy's effort are a inspiration to us all. Thanks again kEEN.

  • Sum Wai Muan

    Lovely pictures. Nice serene countryside

  • Pui Mun molloy

    Words can capture the context of these beautiful photographs. Thank you for sharing the inspiration behind them. Makes me want to walk out now to photograph the beauty of the bayous after the devastation left behind by Hurricane Harvey here in Houston. You never know who you can reach out to by sharing. Thank you FNP

  • Teo Boon Leng

    Great work... Great walk. Keep up the fantastic effort at helping people re-connect with nature and all its wondrous beauty. We need more of such activities, groups. This token gesture of approval and gratefulness comes all the way from tropical Singapore.

  • Suzy Hutomo

    What a wonderful walk!
    Great photographs from someone with a keen eye for detail. No pun intended!

    Love the photos of photographers at work and that old man tree - wonder how that came about.