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September 18, 2014

Students working on a degree at an agricultural school or college often conduct part of their study at the Swine Innovation Centre. For most of these students it is their first introduction to the pig industry. In addition to working on the pig farm and learning how to conduct research we also provide these students with some information to enlarge their knowledge of the pig sector. In doing so the students are often puzzled when pig jargon and acronyms are used. The question: “What is the meaning of this acronym?” is in general answered by spelling out the acronym. The coming weeks we will change our standard procedure. For the explanation of the acronym ‘POV’ we will take all the time needed.

During the 20th anniversary of the Nederlandse Vakbond Varkenshouders (NVV; Dutch union of pig farmers) the new chairman, Ingrid Jansen, kicked off the campagn for the new Producenten Organisatie Varkenshouderij or in short POV (producers organisation for pig farmers). Together with the Dutch Pig Farmers Organisation (LTO Varkens) the NVV has the ambition to achieve a 100% membership of pig farmers. Very ambitious and absolutely necessary. I call upon all companies and stakeholders of the pig sector to stimulate pig farmers to become a member of the POV. Why? In my opinion it is absolutely clear that a widely supported POV is a critical success factor for the future of the Dutch pig industry. And indeed, “Pigs are part of the Dutch society”.

Looking at the past is only fruitful if you are able to learn lessons for the future. In the past decennia, pig producers have invested collectively via the Product Board for Meat and Livestock in public relation, product quality, health care, research and knowledge transfer. This collective effort and the entrepreneurship of the individual pig farmer has warranted that the Dutch pig industry is considered as one of the best in the world. This can only be continued when the pig farmers remain convinced of the necessity to keep their collective investments going. Furthermore pressure form the Dutch society makes it essential that pig farmers keep working together on maintaining a licence to produce in the Dutch society. The pig farm of the Swine Innovation Centre Sterksel has already signed up as member of the POV. Like NVV and LTO Varkens, SIC Sterksel goes for the fully 100%. Let’s go for it!Han Swinkels

(manager SIC Sterksel)