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Tuesday 12th of June – Guelph

Published on
August 1, 2018

Written by: Dimitris Karefyllakis

Tuesday 12th of June was a busy day. We had to visit Guelph University and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) which is based in Guelph campus. Since we spent the night in the hostel situated also on Guelph campus, we didn’t have to start the day very early. We had breakfast between 08:00-08:30 prepared by ourselves in one of the houses we were staying. Then we walked 10min to the amphitheatre where the presentations would take place.

The chair of the symposium was Dr. Alejandro Marangoni who welcomed us warmly at Guelph University. Afterwards, Remko gave his usual introductory presentation about our group. Then we heard three presentations from AAFC followed by presentations from Andrea, Sirinan, Floor, Emma, Patrícia, Juliana, Zhaojun, Birgit and Jan from our group. From Guelph University Dr. Mike Rogers gave a presentation about ‘lipid digestion’ and Kristin Mattice about ‘fibres from non-gluten, vegetable proteins'.

Then lunch was served. It was a nice buffet of sandwiches, burritos, salads and many fruits. After lunch the programme continued with a tour of the Meat Lab Facilities. The most interesting part of this tour was the CO2 chamber where the animals were anesthetised in order to not suffer and harm their muscles while slaughtered.  

We went back to the amphitheatre for some more presentations. We learned about ‘particulate fillers in food matrices’ (Andrew Gravelle), ‘whey protein isolate particles and their stabilization’ (Jeroen Boeve), ‘olegelation by glycerolysis’ (Reed Nicholoson), ‘single serve coffee extraction’ (Matthew Zwicker) and ‘neutron scattering of milk’ (Nukhalu). From our group Anja, Sicong and Eline gave a presentation. 

Dr. Alejandro Marangoni ended the presentation session with some closing remarks and we departed to AAFC for a tour. At AAFC several posters of past and current projects were presented. Due to safety reasons we could not enter inside their lab facilities.

After the symposium we all went for a group dinner in a restaurant and afterwards in an Irish pub for a few beers. Then everybody went to get some rest and prepare for the last day of the trip.