Tourism and climate change

Our researchers mainly focus on two aspects of the climate (change) and tourism research field. First of all, they translate climate data (including observations, reanalysis data, seasonal forecasts, projections) into tourism-relevant information. Secondly, researchers are involved in studies into the vulnerabilities of tourism destinations and stakeholders, their climate change adaptation options, and destinations’ resilience to (climate) change.

The oldest line of research in the category is the development and application of tailored climate indices for tourism, such as the Tourism Climate Index (TCI). Wageningen University & Research is at the forefront of the further development and testing of such indices.

More recently, WUR researchers have become involved in the development of climate services for the tourism industry, trying to address the question: what climate information is relevant/ necessary for tourism stakeholders, and in what form is this information best presented. The main target groups include urban and Arctic tourism stakeholders.

Research on tourism and climate change