Second year of the bachelor International Land and Water Management

Below you’ll find a list of courses in the second year. Please, click on the course to find information in more detail.

Course code Course Period
WRM-10306 Irrigation & watermanagement 1 MO
SLM-10306 Land degradation and remediation 1 AF
MAT-15303 & MAT 15403 Statistics 1 & 2 2 AF
SLM-20306 Land and water engineering 2 MO
GRS-10306 Introduction geo-information science 3 Blok
DEC-20306 Rural households & livelihood strategies 4 Blok
SDC-22806 Natural resource governance in a complex world 5 AF
WRM-21312 Design in land and water management 2 5 MO & 6 Blok
YRM-21306 Research Methodology human-environment interactions 6 Blok

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