Not meeting the admission requirements yet?

Many degree programmes have additional requirements for your prior education. For instance, they may require Mathematics, Chemistry, and/or Physics at pre-university (vwo) level. If you do not meet these admission requirements, you must demonstrate that you possess sufficient knowledge of the missing subjects in order to get admitted to the degree programme.

You can demonstrate your knowledge in different ways:

We only accept vwo certificates with a sufficient score (at least 5.5 out of 10).


It is possible to register for specific subject vwo exams in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology at the CCVX. More information about the exams they offer, how to register and prepare can be found on their website.


Boswell-Bèta provides additional courses and vwo exams in the subjects of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. More information about the courses and the exams that can be taken is available on the Boswell-Bèta website.