VWO-diploma nieuwe tweede fase (obtained after 2009)

If you are in the possession of a Dutch VWO diploma, you can be admitted into a bachelor’s programme at Wageningen University if you meet our subject requirements. In the table below, you can check if you meet our subjects requirements or whether subjects are missing in your VWO diploma.

Not meeting our subject requirements yet?

If you don’t meet our subject requirement as stated below, you have to proof that you have a sufficient amount of knowledge to start the bachelor programme of your choice by obtaining one or multiple VWO exams. You will find the accepted certificates on this website. Please contact the Bachelor Admission Committee if you want to start the bachelor programme Biology with a VWO diploma in the CM or EM Profile.

Old VWO Diploma

Please contact the Bachelor Admission Committee if you obtained your VWO diploma prior to 2010 for more detailed information on your specific case.

Subject requirements for students with a VWO diploma (obtained after 2009)
Programme VWO profile Natuur & Techniek VWO profile Natuur & Gezondheid VWO profile Economie en Maatschappij VWO profile Cultuur en Maatschappij
Agrotechnologie P C + P MA/MB + C + P
Animal Sciences* B C + B MA/MB + C + B
Bedrijfs- en Consumentenwetenschappen MA/MB
Biologie B P Not admissible Not admissible
Biotechnologie MB MB + C + B/P MB + C + B/P
Bos- en Natuurbeheer G/B G/B MA/MB + G/B
Communicatie en Life Sciences
Economie en Beleid MA/MB
Environmental Sciences* P C + P MA/MB + C + P
Food Technology* C + B/P MA/MB + C + B/P
Gezondheid en Maatschappij MA/MB
International Land and Water Management* P P MA/MB + P
Internationale Ontwikkelingsstudies MA/MB
Landschapsarchitectuur en Ruimtelijke Planning G/B G/B MA/MB + G/B
Marine Sciences* B C + B MA/MB + C + B
Moleculaire Levenswetenschappen MB + P/NLT MB + C + N/NLT MB + C + P/NLT
Plantenwetenschappen C + B/P MA/MB + C + B/P
Soil, Water, Atmosphere* P S + P MA/MB + C + P
Voeding en Gezondheid C + B/P MA/MB + C + B/P
* Animal Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Food Technology, International Land and Water Management are taught in English

• Admissable
B = Biology
C = Chemistry
G = Geography
MA = Mathematics A
MB = Mathematics B
NL&T = Nature Life and Technology
P = Physics
+ = and (P+C means Physics and Chemistry)
/ = or (MA/MB means Mathematics A or Mathematics B)