Online lecture series: Nutrition & Health

Nutrition is hot! There are countless food bloggers and vloggers and possibly as many self-declared food experts. But what is nutrition, really, and how can you be certain a particular food or food pattern is healthy? How does that work inside our body, making it healthy? These are the questions that will be answered in the biomedical bachelor programme Nutrition & Health. Enroll in this online lecture series to see what the programme Nutrition & Health is all about.

What are online lecture series about?

*The online lecture series of Nutrition & Health is in Dutch*

By following these free online lectures you can get to know our programmes better. This series consists of four classes, one hour each. You will follow online mini-lectures by professors and students and make assignments, all from the comfort of your lazy chair.

The programme Nutrition & Health covers all aspects of human nutrition: the choice of food, the ways we consume it, the processing of food by the body and the effect of food on our health. We take a scientific approach to these aspects, each accompanied by video’s by our researchers, professors and students.

You will acquire knowledge on carbohydrates, fibres in particular. During the first lectures the following questions will be answered:

  • How to determine whether a food or food pattern is healthy?
  • What is nutrition?
  • What happens in the body when we eat?
  • What do we need and how much of it? How do we know this?

After that, we will take you on a journey through the gastrointestinal tract, showing you how the body digests nutrients and uses them. In a number of assignments you will be asked to apply your newly obtained knowledge, complemented by information you are able to find online.

With this lecture series you will acquire new knowledge and we will teach you the basics on how to separate sensible information from all the nonsense on nutrition & health.

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