BSc minor Consumer Behaviour (WUCBH)

This BSc minor gives the student a broad introduction into consumer behaviour; focused on the way in which consumers adopt and use products and services that are brought to the market by a production chain.

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Schedule 2022-2023
Course code Course name CS/RO Period
MCB20806 Principles of Consumer Studies CS 1MO
MAT20306 Advanced Statistics CS 2AF
CHL20806 Lifestyles and Consumption CS 3WD
MCB10806 Social Psychology RO 1AF
RSO22306 Food Culture and Customs RO 2MO

CS: Mandatory
RO: Choose 6 credits

Consumer behaviour remains an elusive yet important element of production chains in the agrifood sector. Investments and policies can result in technologically advanced and very innovative products. However, if these developments fail to attract and keep consumers they are doomed to fail. For the development of new technologies, new products, new policies and the understanding of public response to innovations it is important to have a grasp of consumer behaviour to understand and predict success and failure factors.

This BSc minor focuses on providing an overview on consumer behaviour in relation to products and services. Depending on background and interests students can choose one out of two RO courses, please check the assumed knowledge before you choose an RO course.

Learning Outcomes

After successful completion of this minor students are expected to be able to:

  • understand the main theories and approaches to consumer behaviour;
  • explain the relevant theories from social psychological and sociological perspective on consumer behaviour;
  • apply consumer behaviour theories in developing products and bringing those to the market.

Target group

This minor is aimed at students from a broad range of BSc programmes. Students who did not follow the course MCB-10806 Social Psychology yet, are strongly advised to follow this course in period 1, the afternoon.

Overlapping courses or content with

BBC Management and Consumer Studies, BCW Communication Sciences




First semester (period 1, 2 and 3)

Programme or thematic

Programme minor