BSc minor Supply Chain Management (WUSCM)

This BSc minor deals with supply chain management, business economics, decision making and marketing in the agribusiness and food industry. Related disciplines/ topics like theory and practice of cooperatives, food logistics management and food quality management are optional in this BSc minor.

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Supply Chain Management (SCM) has become part of the senior management agenda since the 1990’s, particularly in the manufacturing and retailing industries. More recently, interest in SCM has also been growing in the agrifood industry. Consequently there is a need for a joint, multidisciplinary approach towards the establishment of more effective and efficient supply chains. This is especially relevant for agrifood supply chains, because of shelf-life constraints of food and agricultural products including an increased consumer attention to safe and environment/animal-friendly production methods.

Learning Outcomes

After successful completion of this minor students are expected to be able to:

  • explain the main concepts and theories of supply chain management, business management, marketing and economics;
  • analyse the use of these concepts in practice to create improvement options in food supply chains regarding chain strategy, chain design and chain collaboration;
  • classify situations in which typical decision problems occur, formulate quantitative decision models and apply the studied algorithms to calculate a solution to minor provided problems;
  • apply the concepts, models and solution techniques in different problem settings, interpret the results of an optimisation and explain how solutions are interpreted correctly.

Target group

This minor is interesting for WU-students of the BSc programmes:

  • BBT Biotechnology
  • BAS Animal Sciences
  • BEB Economics and Governance
  • BFT Food Technology
  • BPW Plant Sciences
  • BVG Nutrition and Health
  • Parts of this minor may be interesting for BAT

Assumed Knowledge

Basic first year BSc knowledge about mathematics, like MAT-12806 Mathematics M (Mathematics for Social Sciences) or MAT-14803 Mathematics 1 or MAT-14903 Mathematics 2 and MAT-15003 Mathematics 3.

Overlapping courses or content with

BBC Management and Consumer Studies




First semester (period 1, 2 and 3)

Programme or thematic

Programme minor