Step 4: Application

After completing the previous steps, you may already feel fully prepared to apply for positions on the labour market. However, before you start sending out your applications, there are some things that can help set you up for success. Here, we provide you with several options that can help you with your application.

Get your application documents checked

We offer checks to WUR students and recent graduates for CV, motivation letter and/or your LinkedIn profile.

Tips for your interview

To help you prepare for your interview, we have enlisted tips that you may want to use in your preparation.

Introducing yourself well

Introducing yourself, you do it often right? But what is a great way to introduce yourself during an interview? Here, we present you a small guide which you can use during this process.

Negotiating labour conditions

When you have been selected to fulfill the position, the next step is to negotiate labour conditions. Negotiating labour conditions with your future employer, such as salary, can be difficult. Our career officers can give you advice in this matter.

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