Reporting an incident (privacy/security)

Reporting an incident (privacy/security)

Reporting an incident

If something occurs with your (WUR-) data, you must immediately contact the Servicedesk IT. They will offer support.

For example, report when your device with WUR data such as research data, contacts or emails, has been stolen or lost. Another example may be when you clicked on a ‘suspicious’ URL and opened a website or downloaded and/or opened an unsafe attachment. When in doubt; always ask for advice from the Servicedesk IT. They are happy to help you.

Reporting a data breach

Report a data breach via the personal data breach form.

A data breach occurs when personal data, such as names and email addresses, are at stake. For example if they are destroyed, changed or shared with the wrong recipients. Some examples:

  • You have shared raw research data containing lists of personal data to the wrong recipients;
  • Your credentials are stolen;
  • Your email account has been hacked, and someone is contacting your contacts.