About the One World Week

Every year Wageningen University & Research organizes One World Week. This week consists of activities that are in line with our philosophy of promoting diversity and inclusion at Wageningen University & Research and in the city of Wageningen.

The One World Week aims to develop understanding and appreciation of differences (I), and supports the development and implementation of new learning activities, where improved mutual understanding is the goal (II). The One World Week is also a momentum where we explicitly celebrate the diversity in all individual characters and cultures present in Wageningen, and at Wageningen University & Research (III).

The One World Week creates the opportunity for initiatives with regard to diversity and inclusion to be hosted by volunteering individuals or organisations. Wageningen University & Research feels responsible for creating a work and learning environment where citizens, students and employees from all over the world and all walks of life experience a culture of inclusion, and feel welcome.

We want to challenge students and employees more explicitly to think about norms and values from different perspectives, since those might be different in different settings. Offering training and personal development tools could help in sharing knowledge, stimulating interactions and boosting cooperation. During the One World Week, we focus on how to better understand the differences among individuals, how to celebrate them and how to create inclusion, since around the world there are multitudes of ways in which people are shaping their lives!