Southberg Holdings UK

We are a London-based investment company focused on the agricultural sector. We see a commercial opportunity in producing high value crops and commodities in a long-term perspective, using innovative and sustainable systems. We focus on creating value through generating superior yields of high-quality products, while preserving our soils and making optimal use of water resources in favourable climates.

We have a buy-and-build strategy, growing commodity crops and permanent crops in different countries and climates. This requires a long-term perspective on the global market dynamics of each specific crop. At the same time, it requires a thorough understanding of the technical, agronomic aspects related to these crops (soil, water, radiation). We research and analyse the market and economic aspects as well as the technical agricultural aspects in depth to support our investment decisions

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Southberg is holding orientation interviews with selected students. You can also joinSouthberg for an online walk-in chat. If you are interested, please select during registration.