Yard GmbH

At Yard we're a team of passionate entrepreneurs, makers and tinkerers who are driven by a dream: We believe that the best way humans can live a healthy & enjoyable life is by sensing the full diversity of nature’s edible ecosystem. By enabling everyone to grow over 250.000 perishable plants at home, we envisage a world of flavor and nutrient diversity. To achieve our dream, we start by building a personal farming device to experience nature’s edibles at home all year long.

Why do we care?

The way how and what we eat has gotten out of control. Today, we mainly consume snacks and processed food to quench our hunger and thirst for ever more sugar, salt and fat. Science is only starting to understand the profound implication of dietary nutrition for the human short-term performance as well as long-term health. At the same time, most eaters still have a romantic image of the farmer and his plow. However, agriculture is probably one of the most tech and digitally advanced industries. Thus, not farming is broken but rather food production and distribution. Most farmland today is wasted to grow crops that are used to generate high-energy / low-nutrient food derivatives.

Do our thoughts catch your attention? Then join our session! We are looking forward to get to know you personally and explore the future of fresh food together during our session. 

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