Student Career Services of Wageningen University & Research supports students and recent graduates through their transition from study to career. We are experienced in the human resources field and the labour market. We work together with other career support providers, both internally and externally, and we have a large network. Students receive career advice and coaching and learn to explore the labour market. Organisations find us and share their latest job vacancies, internships and other career opportunities. We serve the whole student population of Wageningen – about 13,000 students, as well as our recent graduates. Our office is located in the educational building Forum on the Wageningen Campus.

What do we offer?

Wageningen University & Research has excellent students in the domain of life sciences. With a Partnership, Student Career Services offers you the opportunity to meet our talented students and recent graduates for recruitment purposes and to boost your Employer Brand.

Student Career Services offers:

WUR Career Platform

The WUR Career Platform for organisations to post all their open positions. Nearly 6.000 students and recent graduates and over 600 organisations are member of the platform.

Company profile on the WUR Career Platform

A (highlighted) company profile on the WUR Career Platform, where you can boost your employer brand and publish job/internship vacancies.

Company promotion

Company promotion, event promotion and vacancy promotion to our students on our popular channels such as the WUR Career Platform, our website, our social media channels and our office at the Wageningen Campus where we meet many students and recent graduates.

For vacancy promotion: contact

Career Days

Participation in the WUR Career Day (once or twice a year): in February a small Career Day (afternoon) and in October a large Career Day (whole day). The Career Days are meant for all students and study programmes, and the working language is English.

Tip! If you want to be assured of a place at the Career Day, become our partner!

Talk & Toast

A Talk & Toast is a great opportunity to present your organisation to our students in an informal way. We invite a maximum of two organisations for a talk of 15-20 minutes. Afterwards, you will have the opportunity to have drinks with the students. You can count on an average of 30-60 participating students.

Career Week

During the WUR Career Week (organized once a year in the Spring), a wide variety of career activities are organized to help students and recent graduates to prepare themselves for the labour market. During this week, organisations are invited to join the network drink with students.

Continent specific events

We organise events that are continent specific, such as working in Asia, working in Africa, working in Latin-America. We will include the cultural aspects in our opening talk and organisations with open positions in those continents are welcome to promote their organisation and open positions.

Advertisements in the WUR (online) magazine

Advertisements in the Resource, the WUR (online) magazine for students and employees with an edition of 18,000 copies. The magazine is published twice a month in an English and a Dutch version. You can also opt for an online banner.

Become our partner!

With a Partnership, there are different options to choose from. You can choose a Premium or Plus Partnership, all with fixed fees. The Basic options are for free. The fee for this partnership is for a period of 12 months and you will receive a contract which includes your wishes. Alternatively, you can make a tailor-made Partnership agreement, where you can choose your preferred activities. The fee for this is calculated based on which activities you select.

Download partnership overview

If you are interested in a Partnership and you share our values and ambitions, please contact us and we will discuss what best meets your criteria.