CRV is an innovative international organization for cattle improvement with the co-operative CRV as shareholder, with members in the Netherlands and in Flanders.

As a livestock improvement organization, CRV focuses on farmers' livestock. After all, it is the herd that is the key to good business income and job satisfaction. CRV focuses on the most important result areas within the herd, such as  fertility,  health, efficiency, etc.

CRV develops breeding products, information products and services that add value to professional milk and beef farmers. Together with farmer, we strive for optimum business operations by offering expert advice and innovative solutions. We offer total solutions; management products, services and genetics at one address.

At our HQ in Arnhem numerous scientists work and there is intense cooperation with WUR and the University of Li├Ęge. CRV believes in innovation! CRV is also an important party in the organization of the National Cattle Manifestation (NRM). CRV is ICAR-certified for company inspection, studbook registration, milk recording and breeding value estimation.

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