In today’s world, the business of farming is complex. Environmental, political and economic challenges come at a high cost. As a farmer, you have to be smart and resilient in order to stay profitable.

Maykers is an online platform that facilitates smart connections between farmers and their partners to make the business of farming successful. We make it simple to sell, find and purchase professional products based on fair prices and clear conditions. We have gathered everything you need in one place, in order to save you time so that you can focus on what is important, optimising your business.

Empowered by more than 100 years of agriculture experience, through partners such as Kramp, Kersia, and Trouw Nutrition, Maykers believes we can make farming more simple and valuable. We invite you to join us in our mission. Do business as usual - with a firm handshake, now the only difference is, that the handshake is digital.

As a an agri-tech company, and with a number of colleagues that are alumni of Wageningen universities, we are very eager to build a strong relationship with this esteem university that will, we firmly believe, be fruitful for both sides.