Job searching for students with a disability

This page provides information for students with a disability.

Student Career Services organizes once a year a workshop for students with a disability, 'From study to work; career support for students with a disability'. You will get the opportunity to meet likeminded students, inform yourself about rules and regulation in place for job searchers with a disability and hear from employers their inclusion policy. Besides this workshop, we gathered more information around this topic. Below you will find useful links to different websites that provide more information.

Here, we provide you with several links to find for more information on how to find a job:

  • Helpfull organisations within the WUR;

    • Job Participation Support | jops: WUR has established Job Participation Support | jops, a team to generate job participation. Jops matches and supports candidates with a functional impairment, unburdening managers, teams and HR-professionals by assisting in the administration and coaching in the labour process.
    • Giftedness: The project Giftedness has been initiated based on the request of Wageningen University & Research students and teachers to pay more attention to intellectual giftedness and high sensitivity among students. The project is financially supported by the Informal Student Support Network.
    • NoWURries: Student Support Group For students who feel prevented from fully enjoying student life because of different reasons. A possibility to meet up with like-minded students and share what you feel and discover your are not alone.
  • Helpfull organisations outside the WUR;

    • SWOM: Studeren en Werken Op Maat: SWOM Foundation assists young professionals with employment disabilities in finding a full-fledged position, matching your talents and qualities. Annually, SWOM Foundation guides over 200 young professionals to an internship, traineeship or sustainable position with one of their 90 leading partner organizations.
    • ITVitae: Mediation, training and coaching for ICT specialists: Organisation that helps young people with autism/giftedness regardless of prior education.
    • De Normaalste Zaak: De Normaalste Zaak is a growing network of more than 700 companies and organizations working together to build an inclusive labor market.
  • Other interesting links;

    • Het Doelgroepregister – Banenafspraak: Het Doelgroepregister (the target group register) is a register containing people who fall under the target group of the jobs agreement (banenafspraak). This jobs agreement is an agreement between the Cabinet and employers to provide additional jobs for people with labor disabilities. These are people who have difficulty finding or keeping work due to, for example, illness or disability. UWV manages the target group register. With the data from the target group register, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment can check whether employers are providing enough extra jobs. Employers can look up whether you are in the target group register.
    • An interesting article in the newspaper NRC about Autism: prejudices and advantages