Student Psychologist - Group training

Are you a student at WUR? The student psychologist can help you with personal issues that can lead to study delay, or with study-related health problems. You can come to us with family concerns, insecurity, anxiety or gloominess, but also depression, addiction, tension or mourning.

For specific requests for help, we have developed group training courses, which are given by our own student psychologists. The trainings are listed below. Please note, an intake is mandatory.

Group training by Student Psychologists

Self Compassion

We all have an inner critic; that little voice inside that motivates you to get the best out of yourself. That's OK, until this critic goes overboard on his job and wants you to avoid making mistakes at all cost.

In this training you will learn to approach yourself with compassion. You learn to activate your 'soothing system' and mute your inner critic. As a result, you experience less stress in daily life and chronic stress wil be converted into 'healthy stress'.

Trainer: Irma Janssen
6-8 Meetings
Max 10 participants

Put an end to Procrastination

Some students postpone everything until the very last moment. This not only causes stress, nothing can go wrong at all, or you will get into serious trouble. Do you recognize yourself in this and do you want to do something about it? Then this training might be right for you.

During the training we will look for the various aspects that influence and maintain your procrastination. You develop your personal vision of what is really important to you in your life; what are you passionate about?

Trainer: Roeland Cloin
6 meetings
Min 8 - max 10 participants


'My fellow students are much smarter than me', 'I am not beautiful', 'I am the most boring person on earth, 'I do everything wrong'. Do you recognize these thoughts? You may suffer from a negative self-image. This affects your self-confidence and well-being. Maybe the training 'Self-image' can help you!

Do you want to learn how to focus on your positive sides and valuable qualities? You know you have strengths and qualities, but they get overshadowed by negative thoughts and judgements. During the training you learn how to place good experiences back on first rank in your memory. This stimulates your self-esteem.

Trainer: Anneke Aikema
8 meetings
Max 10 participants

Introduction to ACT / Voluit Leven

Do you experience your life as unsatisfactory? Do you experience anxiety, gloominess, uncertainty or fatigue? You may think: "Only when I overcome all these complaints, I can start my life and I will finally be happy". The fight against your complaints plays a central role in your life and costs lots of energy. Does this sound familiar? Then the training 'Introduction to ACT' might be something for you.

During this training you will learn how to accept psychological distress and how to increase your (psychological) flexibility. Suffering is inextricably linked with life. Once you accept this fact, you stop the daily fight. There is space and energy to do what is really important for you. You live your life to the fullest and experience satisfaction in what you do.

Trainer: Kevin de Bruin (ENG)
Trainer: Lisette van Baars (NL)
8 Meetings
Max 9 participants