Between cultures

Adjusting to a new culture may be difficult. To promote the connection between all students at WUR, we offer workshops and training courses.

New in Wageningen? You are not alone. Thousands of students from different parts of the Netherlands and the world come here every year to start their academic journey. A journey that will also become a personal one.

Feeling lonely, homesick or lost in a new culture and education system can be challenging. Many students struggle. However, WUR will help you to learn to navigate these moments.

How can we help you?


Are you experiencing loneliness or isolation, we would like to hear from you.
The group training course Settling into Life @WUR*will start when we have enough (6-10) participants.
Send us an e-mail or subscribe to the interested list and we will contact you.

Training course by Student Training & Support

International Student Associations

Study & Student Associations

Wageningen has a vibrant student life with lots of student and study associations that organise many interesting and fun activities for (international) students!

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ISOW - International Student Organisations of Wageningen

ISOW is dedicated to provide a safe space for communities in Wageningen, especially international students and staffs, during their time in the city. They are to ensure effective integration of cultures for both local and international students, staff and residents of wageningen.

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ESN - Erasmus Student Network Wageningen

ESN Wageningen is an international student organisation and part of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN). They aim to make your stay as pleasant as possible and do this by organizing more than 100 social, cultural, integration, travel and sports events throughout the year.

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