Communication is of major importance in everyday life. Whether students are looking to learn a new language, improve academic literacy skills, improve presentation skills or want to overcome a fear of public speaking, WUR and partners offer a wide range of trainings to develop and enhance language and literacy skills.

Training by Student Training & Support

Wageningen in'to Languages

Wageningen in’to Languages

We open up new worlds to ambitious professionals, scientists and students. We help them achieve their goals by enabling them to excel in languages and communication. We offer language courses, translations and text editing, communication modules, language tests, coaching and advice.

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Do you want to learn Dutch?

Are you an international student studying at Wageningen University & Research? Would you like have a conversation with your team members or friends in Dutch?

During the Basic Dutch course, you will learn some basics of the language and also some typical aspects of Dutch culture. The Intermediate and Advanced courses are meant to improve your Dutch for social purposes. The courses are taught online using the Virtual Classroom in Brightspace.

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Do you want to learn English, French or Spanish online?

Wageningen in’to Languages can teach you to communicate effectively in different languages and on different levels. Our online courses are known for their high tempo, thorough and pragmatic approach and quick results.

Our courses don’t just cover vocabulary or grammar, they focus on what you want to do with a language.

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Wageningen Writing Lab

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Individual Writing Tutoring

Online Individual Writing Tutoring Discussing your text and your writing process is a very helpful way to keep motivated, but also your writing will be improved. The Writing Lab tutors are trained to support you in this. Study Support Groups You can join a group of 8-12 students to share experiences and help each other stay motivated and planning effectively. A student coach will help the group starting up.

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Workshops facilitated by Writing Lab and WUR Library

Plan for success How to start with your writing assignment in an effective way? That is the question we aim to address during the workshop ‘Plan for Success!’. We will provide you with the theory behind the writing process and guide you to apply this theory to your own assignment.

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Services Writing Lab

Writing Lab offers a series of supporting activities for all students of Wageningen University to help them improve their writing skills and develop new writing strategies.

All sessions and supporting activities offered by the Writing Lab are free. Phone: 0031 317 485625 WhatsApp: 0031 654318201

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