Surf your Stress - young woman surfing a big wave

Surf your Stress

Stress comes in waves; everyone experiences periods of stress, and that's okay; it's part of life and drives us to greater achievements.

Dealing with stress is a bit like learning to surf big waves. Of course, you get out of balance now and then. You fall into the water and get pulled under. Normally, you will quickly surface and climb back on your board. On to the next wave. But, how different does that feel when your complaints become chronic.

The motto of Surf your Stress is "Learn to Balance & Ride the Waves" and we are here to help you with that.

Although your study period is often described as "the best time of your life", studying can be quite stressful.

Surf your Stress aims to stimulate the dialogue about stress at the university, provide students with more information, and offer practical tools to better deal with it. We organise various events every year, culminating in the "Surf your Stress" week in November.