What to do in case of emergency

If you are a student at Wageningen University & Research and are in an emergency, there are several options to get in contact.

Life Threatening Situations

  • Call 112 EMERGENCY in case of life-threatening emergencies.
    Please note that inappropriate use of this number will result in a considerable fine!
  • Suicide Prevention - Call (0800-0) 113 or chat if you - or someone close to you - have suicidal thoughts and need help or a listening ear.

Medical Emergency (non-life-threatening)

In case of a non-life-threatening medical emergency, call your General Physician or the Student Medical Center.

Police & Fire Brigade

In case of life-threatening emergencies call 112. For other assistance of Police or Fire Brigade you can use telephone numbers below.

On campus

For emergencies on campus, please follow the instructions for your specific building, which should be posted in labs and rooms.