Terms of participation WURkForce

On this page, you can find more information on the terms of participation for WURkForce assignments or activities:

  • Only Dutch or EU students are eligible for WURkForce jobs (there are some exceptions for other international students).
  • You can only receive reimbursements through WURkForce if you don't have an active contract with WUR (student assistant or otherwise). The start and end dates of the contract are the governing factors in this situation.
  • Each job is subject to a standard, preset compensation.
  • You may receive a maximum of € 2000 in reimbursements on an annual basis. This applies to all jobs for which you receive compensation from WUR. Income from a previous contract (salary) does not count towards this amount.
  • Income from an earlier WUR contract is not taken into consideration for this amount.
  • Requests for compensation should be submitted within two weeks after the job/activity in question. You can use an online tool for this.
  • You need to have a bank account.
  • You need to have health insurance.
  • If you are an international student, deployment through WURkForce is only possible if you have a visa with a note that you are allowed to work in NL ("arbeid is toegestaan" legislation from Immigration Service).
  • If you do not meet the conditions of WURkForce afterwards, it is not possible te reimburse you.

Are you interested and do you meet these requirements?