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You will receive the job list every Tuesday. Is there a job that you like? Then register with the contact person for the job in question.

  • You can only carry out jobs via WURkForce if you do not have a current contract (student assistant or otherwise) with WUR
  • You may receive a maximum of € 190,00 per month in reimbursements and a maximum of € 1900,00 on an annual basis. This applies to all jobs for which you receive compensation from WUR. Income from a contract does not count towards this amount.
  • Fees must be submitted within two weeks after the end of a job/activity. You submit a fee for each job/activity.
  • You must have a Dutch bank account
  • You must have health insurance

When the job is done, you can request the agreed fee via our online tool. Request the link via the contact person of the job in question.