Adjusting your lifestyle: how to stay healthy and fit in times of Corona?

Many of us have to adjust many routines in our lives. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to take good care of ourselves and the people around us. But how to adjust to studying online, sporting inside and staying at home? In this section we gathered information and activities related to your mental and physical well-being: from online-sports classes and healthy recipes to tips & tricks to study online!

Mental health

Student psychologist: Student psychologists help students with personal and/or study problems. Visiting the student psychologists is free of charge and all contact between students and student psychologists is treated confidentially. You can find all relevant information on this page.

Student deans: Wageningen University & Research offers its students the help of student deans. All contact between student and student deans is being treated confidentially. We have listed several topics on which student deans can advise and assist you. Also, you can find information on how to make an appointment.

The student deans advise and assist students confidentially with questions concerning areas such as:

  • Studying with a disability
  • Study delay due to special circumstances
  • FOS: Financial Student Support
  • Improving your study skills
  • Temporary termination of enrolment, end your study or start another study
  • Financial matters (study grant, scholarships, other funding)
  • Advice, complaints, or conflicts

For more information, visit this page.

Help for LHBTI+ group: www.lhbtisteun.nl

Stay fit @home

We selected online videos from Sport Centre De Bongerd and other YouTube channels to motivate you to stay fit at home. On this page you can complete exercises from each of the categories.

Gym Workout App

Trainers from Sport Centre de Bongerd are weekly uploading new training programs and challenges to the SCB Gym App. You can choose the intensity of the work out based on the level beginner, intermediate and advanced and it is free for all students and employees of WUR with or without sport rights. You can also make your own work out via the app. Go for it!

- Download the SCB GYM App in the Google Play store for  Android/Appstore for Apple. - Sent an email to ‘Ellen.vankalsbeek@wur.nl’ or ‘Tijmen.vanoostenbrugge@wur.nl’ is via thymos including: first name, last name, email address and WBA  number. - We will send you an email with your personalized activation  code to install the App.

RSI/CANS Prevention

Avoid Repetitive Strain Injuries with these useful tips of Karin Vaessen.

Tip 1: During lunch or another break, go outside for example for a walk or cycle a bit and to get some fresh air (preferably on your own!). Try not to take your phone immediately during your break, instead go for a walk or do a few minutes of stretching or exercises. 

Tip 2: Switch between postures while working. If you have to read something, try to do that standing for example, walk around while thinking or stand and look out your window while thinking. You don’t have to sit behind your desk all day!

For optimal workspace consults, browse to Karin's website.

RSI positie.png

Check if your workspace is properly adapted to your posture with a test here.

Recipe of the week

Every week we will share some of our favorite recipes to make a healthy, delicious, but quick meal for all the foodies visiting the website.

If you want to share your recipe and get featured on the page, send an e-mail to online.events@wur.nl

Do you have an idea for an activity, or are you organizing an activity or campaign for fellow students that you would like to share with us? Send an email to online.events@wur.nl and we will add your initiative to this page!