Masterclass Postharvest Technology Beijing

Are you interested in learning about the latest postharvest technologies and techniques to improve product quality? Are you still looking for a targeted solution in postharvest chain that works for your case? Look no further. This course will provide you with the knowledge you need to understand the science of postharvest including postharvest technology and postharvest supply chain management. Whether you're a researcher in science organizations or an entrepreneur who are curious about how your fruit and vegetables get from grower to table. From this course, you'll learn how to prevent product deterioration and ensure your produce stays fresh and delicious for as long as possible.

Organised by Wageningen Academy, supported by Beijing Jingwa Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Center

Mon 15 January 2024 until Wed 17 January 2024

Duration 3 days
Venue Beijing, China
Price EUR 1,750.00

This course offers a perfect chance to get up to date on the latest innovations in postharvest technology, and learning by doing the experiment we will do together during the course. Sign up now to learn more about the research trend and find a personalized strategy for your own research or business in postharvest.

Why follow this course?

After successful completion of this course, you will:

  • Learn basic principles behind the factors and processes affecting postharvest quality.
  • Know how to reduce the loss rate of fresh products and formulate new strategies for companies focusing on fresh products.
  • Obtain a training certificate with international impact.
  • Build international business network and explore more cooperation possibilities.

Is this course for you?

Do you have a business related to fresh products such as fresh-keeping packaging or refrigerated transportation? Do you play a key role in ensuring the quality, safety, and marketability of fruit, vegetables, flowers, or potted plants? Then our Course Postharvest Technology is a nice option for you.

This course is designed mainly for professionals and entrepreneurs in breeding, production, logistics, trade, and retail industries. It focuses on postharvest technology and its practical application. Whether you're involved in research, business, government projects, or service organizations of fresh products, our program will empower you with the latest knowledge and techniques to excel in your field.

Programme & topics

This course comprehensively and comprehensively covers multiple topics in postharvest technology. The programme is designed with ample time to interact, consult and discuss with expert and peers. Together with experts, you will explore the following topics:

  • What elements affect food loss and how to design interventions?
  • The relationship between preharvest condition and postharvest quality.
  • How to evaluate product quality and how to design the experiment?
  • Current technologies for harvest, storage, transport, and packaging.
  • The evaluation of different technologies in harvest, storage, transport and packaging.
  • The sustainability of postharvest.

As part of the course, you will work in groups on demo experiments guided by experts from Wageningen University & Research.

Practical information


The course fee is 1,750 euro per person and covers tuition, experiments, and course materials, welcome dinner and lunches.


Between 30 and 45 participants.


After meeting the corresponding standards, participants will receive a certificate issued by Wageningen University & Research.


Day 1 – Introduction and Post-harvest technologies

  • Programme registration and introduction
  • An overview of postharvest biology of horticultural crops and current postharvest research at Wageningen UR
  • Post-harvest development, new technologies and innovations
  • Postharvest food losses and main factors determining postharvest quality of fresh produce and ornamentals.
  • Relation between preharvest conditions and postharvest quality and the importance of harvest maturity on shelf life and storability.
  • Tools for product quality evaluation, including sensory evaluations.
  • Practical: experimental design and “doing a test”
  • Day 1 Wrap -up

Day 2 – Post harvest handling (supply chain)

  • Harvesting system: facilities and methods
  • Packaging: facilities, methods and measurements of product quality characteristics.
  • Cooling prior to shipment: methods, evaluation of efficiency
  • Transport: systems, loading patterns, environmental control, use of modified atmospheres
  • Storage: methods, facilities, equipment, management of environmental conditions including controlled atmospheres. temperature and ethylene management ( case study)
  • Day 2 Wrap-up

Day 3 – Post harvest management

  • Food safety assurance: postharvest sanitation, disease management and insect control ( case study)
  • Standardization and inspection, quality evaluation and control
  • Postharvest sustainability issues (cost control, water, chemicals and energy use in postharvest technology procedures )
  • Results of practical: quality assessment
  • Programme wrap-up
  • Programme evaluation, and certificate award ceremony