Milking to Potential

Dairy sectors all over the world contribute to the livelihood of millions of individuals. The global growing demand for dairy products has led to a significant increase in public and private involvement and to new opportunities for a range of stakeholders. However, unseen challenges arise: population growth, climate change and global market influence. Do you want to learn how to design and implement dairy development strategies in emerging economies? This course enables you to do so.

Organised by Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation

Mon 17 April 2023 until Fri 30 June 2023

What will you learn?

Upon completion of the course you will:

  • The ability to draw a clear picture of the multiple aspects of dairy systems, accounting for its technical, socio-economic and environmental components.
  • Have the ability to develop contextualised scenarios in search of alternative options and trade-offs in resource-scarce situations, using state-of-the-art approaches;
  • Design concerted transition paths for the introduction of innovative interventions that are socially, economically and ecologically balanced.
  • Dairy sector experiences from all over the world with a specific focus on the Dutch dairy sector challenges and opportunities.

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For whom is this course?

The basic prerequisite for participation in the course is active interest and professional experience in the dairy sector or development sector. Participants should be proficient in English, and have at least a BSc degree or an equivalent academic qualification.

Course programme in more detail

Duration 10 weeks
Study load 120 hours
Programme 45 hours online synchronous sessions. 2,5h synchronous sessions 2 times a week with regular timeslots.
Break 1 week break

The large variety in agroecosystems, socio-economic factors, and policies makes it impossible to develop a single model for dairy development. Therefore it is essential to understand the opportunities for dairy sector development as well as the limiting factors that could harm sustainability and profitability in the long term. During this online course we will analyse the dairy sector at different levels, from animal to farm and up to country level. We will look at the challenges and opportunities the sector faces in your own situation. Moving beyond the technical realm, you will learn how to involve multiple stakeholders for inclusion of social, environmental, economic and political aspects.

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