Summer School Food for Mars and Moon

Is migration to planet Mars just a daydream or a twilight of the next leap for humankind? This dream is getting closer with the fast developments in space science and the agrifood domain. This international summer school aims to unite young people, both students and professionals. They will work on an ambitious topic inspired by lectures and discussions from experts worldwide.

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Organised by Wageningen Academy
Duration 2 weeks (10 days)
Price description We offer a discount for EWUU students & Non-EWUU students

This Summer School is not scheduled yet. You can already show your interest or view the programme of the 2023 edition.

Why follow this summer school?

This program is designed for young researchers and students. It encourages them to create solutions for space farming while considering energy, health, food and sustainability topics.

Firstly, you will dive into a futuristic topic that perhaps, is not so far away as one might think. Students from different backgrounds and walks of life will come together this summer for a school. They will learn by doing and be encouraged to think creatively when tackling this challenge:

  • Can we produce food on Mars and the Moon?
  • What do we need?
  • How could this work?
  • Where to begin?

Young generations will work together for our future food production. Experiments will be done together with Mars soil simulants.

These experiments will take place in different locations around the world. Their purpose is to test the impact of different gravity levels on plant growth. Summer School Food for Mars and Moon is an experience you don't want to miss.

Is this summer school for you?

This summer school is open to students of all levels - BSc., MSc, and PhD - as well as young professionals and researchers. It covers fields from agriculture and plant sciences, space sciences, biology, engineering, and nutrition. If you are interested in futuristic topics and want to think outside the box, this summer school is for you.

Programme & topics

During the two weeks, you will enjoy the online Summer School lectures in the morning. In the afternoon, you can join the experiment at different locations in The Netherlands, USA, China and other sites. There will be a group work assignment. You and your teammates will work together to find innovative solutions for producing food on Mars and Moon.

What you will learn and what we will explore together in the Summer School:

  • Overview of the lunar and Martian environments
  • Agricultural techniques and technologies for space environments
  • Plant biology and genetics in space
  • Food processing and preservation in space
  • Nutritional requirements for space travelers
  • Sustainability and resource management in space agriculture

This programme is sponsored by the Seed Fund Alliance of EWUU Alliance, which is a collaboration between Wageningen University & Research, TU Eindhoven, UMC Utrecht and Utrecht University, EWUU.

The alliance prepares its students and professionals for the future. They will increasingly be called upon to solve complex challenges in our society. The coalition brings together students working professionals from different institutions and disciplines, enabling them to work on these challenges.

Stay informed

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