Edubadges for Professional Education

Wageningen University & Research issues Edubadges for Professional Education. This accreditation for education for professionals meet the demands of the labor market and other developments within the professional field.

Current application Edubadges for Professionals

Wageningen University & Research is participating in a national Micro-credentials pilot. This pilot focuses on offering accredited education by colleges, schools and universities for professionals. As a result of this development, WUR can offer Edubadges for courses that lead to a Micro-credential. Both Edubadges and Micro-credentials are issued via the Edubadges Service, that monitors the quality of educational products.

Check our FAQ for answers to questions like:

  • What is an Edubadge?
  • What’s the purpose of an Edubadge?
  • Does an Edubadge have an expiration date?
  • Why use an Edubadge?
  • What is the difference between an Edubadge and a Microcredential?

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Source: UB

More information

For more information about Edubadges, please contact Klaar Vernaillen, project lead,