Environment and Climate

How do we ensure a healthy and safe living environment for 10 billion people on our planet? Ranked as world’s most sustainable university, WUR takes the responsibility finding ways to deal with climate change and contribute to achieving sustainable development goals (SDGs). Are you interested in taking a natural and socio-scientific perspective on issues such as health, food security, climate change and depletion of natural resources and renewable resources? Our continuing education MOOCs, programmes and courses draw from a solid base of expertise in various environment related knowledge domains. Join us.

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Our transformative take on climate action

WUR’s professional education in Environment and Climate addresses a variety of environmental issues effecting climate change. We take our perspective on environmental science and climate adaptation by deepening topics such as climate smart agriculture, environmental resources management, climate disaster management, sustainable tourism and ecotourism, climate finance and sustainable leadership.

When it comes to agriculture, rapid climate change is an increasing threat to cultivation. We will have to devote much more attention to the use of water resources and the supply of water, in addition to good water management and other nature based solutions. Therefore, our Land and Water Management courses and programmes for professionals tackle various perspectives on these complex issues, as well as focusing on optimizing irrigation and drainage systems and exploring solutions for soil erosion and soil pollution. Also check our Landscape and Climate Change courses.

Actionable education

Furthermore, Green Cities is the Wageningen Environmental Research programme that focuses on understanding and applying a nature-based approach in urban areas, analyzing circular economy trends. WUR also explores the impact on society and ecosystems, and develops evidence-based, integrated solutions and technology. Join one of these courses to discover the benefits of biodiversity and climate resilient cities.

Deeper understanding human behaviour

Many of today’s major issues in health and sustainability are inevitably associated with human conduct. To address these societal challenges, understanding consumption patterns and lifestyles is crucial to develop effective solutions. Learn how individuals and the population at large can make an impact, for instance with plant based, vegan or climatarian diets and a more circular mindset, by joining courses in sustainable lifestyle and (eco)tourism.