Programme: Urban Gamechanger for Sustainability

Do you want have a tangible impact on global challenges, like climate change and pollution? Let this course empower you. Join other gamechangers and learn to initiate projects to make your own community more sustainable.

Organised by Wageningen University & Research
Duration 12 weeks, 2-4 hours per week

Why follow this programme?

Quote: In our triumph to dominate the world, we forgot just how much we depend on it.

This programme consists of two online courses. Through informative knowledge clips, real-world inspirational cases of sustainability leaders, reflection, conversations and practical assignments you will:

MOOC Environmental Gamechanger â€“ Lead the Way to Sustainable Development This social science course introduces a set of skills, critical to analysing and solving sustainability problems. Explore how systems thinking can serve as a way of tackling this complexity. Learn to engage key stakeholders to tackle a sustainability issue of your choice and in your surroundings.

MOOC Urban rewilding: restore your local ecosystem
This environmental sciences course explores the different environmental issues that modern day urban spaces are faced with. It will help you to identify challenges for rewilding initiatives in your community. Gain the skills to restore natural processes by setting up a rewilding project in your city. With thriving natural processes in our green spaces, such as gardens, parks and ponds, with indigenous plants and animals, we will see both ecosystems and our living environment restored.

    Is this programme for you?

    Are you that municipal officer, community activist or concerned citizen eager to take on environmental stewardship? Then this is the programme for you! Join the growing force of urban gamechangers and pick up sustainability challenges near you.

    What you'll learn

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        This certificate complements knowledge and skills required for:

        Content of the Online Programme Animal Breeding and Genetics