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Aquarius excursion: Wreck fishing

Aquarius is the study association of the department of Aquaculture and Fisheries of Wageningen University, and part of study association 'De Veetelers'. Aquarius creates a bridge between the theoretical academic knowledge and the practical application in real life. Hence, Aquarius organises activities, such as excursions to companies related to aquaculture and fisheries, social gatherings and a yearly weekend excursion.

We started cleaning the fish while the ship sailed back to the shore.

It was very early on the morning of Saturday the 16th of February when ten fishermen went to Stellendam for a day of wreck fishing on the North Sea. After a two hour drive we arrived at the harbour. Once on the ship, the "Stella Bel", we noticed two of our fishermen were delayed so they missed the departure. Luckily they were great jumpers and jumped from the sluice onto the ship.

After 2.5 hours of sailing we arrived at the first wreck. The ship's horn blew and the osters hit the water; the fishing had started. Soon the first poutings were landed and shortly after that the first cod were caught. When at the front of the ship four cod were caught at the same time by two men, it seemed it would be a great fishing day.

The ship's horn blew again and we left for another wreck. There the great fishing day became reality. At the end of the day everyone caught his own share of cod and we started cleaning the fish while the ship sailed back to the shore.

The hours flew by thanks to the happy and friendly barmaid, who blew a Sirtaki or carnival hit through the speakers and made some nice meals for the exhausted fishermen.

Our freezers will be full of cod for a while now.

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