Alumnus testimonial

Harry - Senior Analyst

As a farmer’s son Harry chose a study in which he could still be involved in the agricultural sector. The former study MSc Agricultural Economics (similar to MSc Management, Economics and Consumer studies), prepared him for a successful career at the Rabobank.

The best thing is that, as a farmer’s son, I can still be involved in the agricultural sector in an international setting.

How did you become a Senior Analyst?

"I started my career at the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food. After six years I got the opportunity to start at the Rabobank. First as a Credit Analyst and later as Researcher. After a few years, I got the chance to work as a Senior Analyst of Farming and Farm inputs."

Could you explain what your daily job looks like?

"My job consists of mapping markets and companies that are active in the farm input sector. These are companies that develop chemical fertilisers, seeds, agricultural equipment and plant protection products. After analysing I present my findings in reports. The company uses these reports as a basis for strategies, but also for credit decisions."

What is so interesting about your job?

"It is very interesting to be involved in broad issues in the agricultural- and food sector. I’m very satisfied with my job. The best thing about my work is that I, as a farmer’s son, can still be involved in the agricultural sector in an international setting."

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