Scholarship opportunities

EMABG fellowships

For the EMABG course starting in August 2014, the following scholarship opportunities are available via EMABG:

  1. Type of scholarship: full scholarship (EMABG participation costs and living allowance)
    Total amount covered: €48,000 per scholarship
    For whom: non-EU students
    Amount of scholarships available: 2

  2. Type of scholarship: scholarship covering EMABG participation costs
    Total amount covered: 2x €4000 per scholarship
    For whom: students from Sweden or Denmark
    Amount of scholarships available: 2

We hope to be able to add more scholarships to the list soon!

Other fellowships    

In addition, there are several other possibilities to find funding for your EMABG course. There are several options for acquiring fellowship that cover some or all of the costs of the EMABG programme. You can find more information about possible scholarships on Grantfinder. Options might be the NFP fellowship programme or the Stuned fellowship for Indonesian nationals. Specific students can apply to the Erasmus Socrates Exchange programme to get funding for a part of the course.

Besides the fellowship schemes of the Dutch Government a lot of other global or national organisations offer fellowships. Its strongly advised to check the different available options. Please be aware that the fellowship application process is a lengthy process. Often an admission letter is required in the fellowship application process. For that reason you must start your application for admission at the university well in advance.