MicroMasters Chemistry and Technology for Sustainability

Help drive the transition from fossil resources to renewable ones and engineer a biobased future. By the #1 agricultural sciences university. When you complete all the MOOCs of the programme you can earn a MicroMasters® programme credential that equals up to 18 ECTS, which you can use for the on-campus Master of Science Biobased Sciences (which normally is a 120 ECTS, 2 year fulltime on-campus programme).

Organised by Wageningen University & Research
Duration 6 months 14 - 21 hours per week

Why follow this MicroMasters programme?

  • Directly apply what you learn to your own business
  • Study at the best agricultural university in the world from the comfort of your own home
  • Plenty of opportunities to ask questions and to interact with other learners
  • Earn credits for the on-campus master’s programme Biobased Sciences

The world is moving from using fossil resources to sustainable biobased ones. In order to be truly sustainable, alternative, biobased resources also need to be economically viable. To be successful, corporations need to be able to navigate the challenges and opportunities in this dynamic field. This MicroMasters Programme is intended for those currently working in the energy, chemical and biotech industries and seeking to make a shift to more sustainable practices. It will focus on the use of chemical and biotechnological approaches for the production of energy-carriers, polymers, chemical building blocks and materials from renewable resources and waste streams.

Completion of this MicroMasters Programme in Chemistry and Technology for Sustainability will enable you to discover new resources and help your company make the switch from fossil to renewable, biobased resources.

What you will learn

  • Understand the challenges of switching from a fossil source-based economy to a biobased economy
  • Understand how to identify suitable raw materials and create valuable new products
  • Learn how to refine biomass without damaging its valuable components
  • Perform a functional analysis of potential methods that can be used for refining a resource
  • Learn how to efficiently convert biobased feedstocks into desired products
  • Evaluate technological, ethical, societal and economic consequences in the production of biobased products

Contents of the MicroMasters programme

The programme consists of the following MOOCs:

Applying for the on-campus master's Biobased Sciences

If you successfully earn the MicroMasters Credential (a verified certificate for all MOOCs of the MicroMasters programme) and decide to apply for the Master of Science programme Biobased Sciences at Wageningen University & Research (120 ECTS, 2 year full time on campus Programme), you will need to go through the regular admission procedures for MSc students and meet the entry requirements. If you are admitted and would like to be exempted from courses in the MSc programme, you can send a formal waiver request. Campus courses that can be waived (up to 18 credits) are courses that are equivalent to the online courses in the MicroMasters Programme.

Please note: if your intention is to apply, please start your application procedure as early as possible.

If you have any questions about the on-campus master's and/or if you have attented the 'old' MicroMasters programme (MicroMasters Programme Biobased Sciences for Sustainability/up to 24 ECTS), and like to apply, please contact team Online education.