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Student Experience: Jade van Dinter – MSc bioinformatics

Jade is currently following the MSc programme in Bioinformatics at Wageningen University. Previously, she studied bioinformatics in Nijmegen where she fell in love with the subject. After obtaining her bachelors she decided to move to Wageningen. Here, she chose to focus on data science and using machine learning. Currently she is about to start her thesis where she gets to apply her knowledge as she will work on using machine learning to predict protein interactions through evolution.

… immediately in my first year I knew I wanted to continue with Bioinformatics

Study choice

“I studied Bioinformatics in Nijmegen and immediately in my first year I knew I wanted to continue with Bioinformatics. Then in my third year, I explored several MSc programmes among which one in Utrecht and one in Wageningen. I ended up choosing Wageningen because I knew people here and because of the student life.”


“I am really interested in data analysis in general, and specifically using machine learning which I didn’t learn that much about during my bachelor’s. So, I chose courses in my MSc programme to focus more on that. The courses I really liked were statistics for data scientists and genomics.”

Plans for the future

“I would like to work in a setting where I could focus more on the biological application. For example, for my internship, I am searching for opportunities to work more on patient-directed data analysis, such as at the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek hospital.”

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