Some students have to do a premaster programme before they can be admitted to the MSc Biosystems Engineering. This is mainly due to a lack of basic knowledge in mathematics, physics and chemistry subjects and/or insufficient skills in programming. The premaster programme can differ per student, depending on the exact prior knowledge.

Possible courses in the premaster are:

  • MAT20306 Advanced Statistics
  • INF22306 Programming in Python
  • BCT20306 Modeling Dynamic Systems
  • ORL20306 Decision Science 1
  • MAT26306 Control Engineering
  • FTE27306 Sensing and Perception

Would you like to read more about these courses? You can find them in the studyhandbook.

Just as you can start the master’s program twice per year, it is possible to start with a premaster in September and in February. You will temporarily be enrolled as a premaster student in the BSc program. Once you have passed the courses from your premaster, you will automatically be enrolled in the master's program. As it is advised to start the master’s program in September, we advise you to start a premaster in February, if possible.

Regardless of whether you will have to do a premaster or not, you have to apply to the MSc program. The admissions committee will then tell you whether you are eligible for admission and, if you have to take a premaster, which courses this will be.

For more information on the premaster, you can send an email to