Alumnus testimonial

Alumna Xiaochang Chang - MSc Food Quality Management

I studied food quality management and the specialisation is plant science.

Becoming a member of the study association Mercurius appeared to be very interesting.

Study programme

I had a great time in the Netherlands. Although I am a Chinese woman in the Netherlands, I did not feel alone when living in Wageningen. Because I have a lot of friends there we have had parties and dinners together frequently. Furthermore, Wageningen is a small city. This means that it is very quiet and calm. I always enjoy my life in such a quiet village.

Besides my studies I have been active in the study association of the Food Quality which is called Mercurius. Not to lie to you, the reason I have joined is that Mercurius can provide a discount when buying study books. But after I joined it, I realised that it is very interesting and helpful. We could participate in a lot of activities (we visited, for example, the beer factory and the food exhibitions) with the help of Mercurius which we could not do on our own. During the participation, I got to know many other Dutch and international students, so it also gave me the chance to meet new people.

The biggest development I experienced during my time in Wageningen is in knowledge. During the two years of studying in Wageningen, I believe, I have become a high-skilled and knowledgeable person. The Academic Master Cluster and my thesis, as part of my study, also make sense for the professional development. During teamwork, I could learn how to communicate and cooperate. During the discussions with my supervisors during the thesis, I have learned that using different thinking makes the best outcome.


Currently I am working in DSM food specialties as a junior QA advisor. I am responsible for answering the quality request from customers as well as fulfilling internal and external quality audit and implementation.

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