Student testimonial

Student Lesley Macheka - MSc Food Quality Management

I studied Biological Sciences at the University of Zimbabwe. After my graduation I worked at a company where I was in the Quality Assurances Department. The need to develop myself and gain more knowledge made me apply at this university. I got to know about WUR after a search on the internet.

My friends recommended Wageningen as one of the best universities in the world in terms of agri-business research.

Study choice

All my choices for the courses are based on my working experience. The company I used to work for was involved in the logistics of grain and my role was to insure the food safety within this system, so I chose Operation Research and Logistics as a disciplinary cluster.

Student life

My stay in Wageningen is an interesting experience, you get to meet many students from various countries and at the moment I am learning to speak Dutch and Swahili. Besides this, I miss home and feel lonely sometimes, but Haarweg- the student housing where I am residing, helps me to overcome the loneliness. About the educational system in Wageningen UR, I’d say that it is more practically oriented as it applies the theoretical knowledge to solve practical problems. All the facilities are up-to-date and it is easy to check a lecture you have missed online. The only thing I do not like is the pressure of work that the period system creates.

Future Career

In the future I plan to engage myself into consultancy - quality assurance within the supply chain. I think there is a lot that needs to be done in Zimbabwe and Africa. At the moment the emphasis is on food security and food safety is of secondary importance. I think the knowledge I am to acquire here will be of great help as the quality assurance system at the company I used to work for. It is very funny how what I have learnt and still studying seems to be influencing my personal life. For example, most of the times when I go shopping I now pay attention to expiry dates, ingredients, storage conditions.

I would recommend anyone wanting further knowledge in food quality management to enroll at Wageningen University. The interactive nature of this programme has assisted in bringing me “out of thebox”. The programme has also provided me with an opportunity to network as well as open my eyes up to possible opportunities in research in the field of food quality management and even food safety. Overall, my opinion of Wageningen is that it is a lifetime experience, both academically and socially. I have learnt a lot about the education system and have made a lot of friends. All knowledge I gain here, I will do my best to put into practice in my home country and in this way to benefit it with whatever I can.

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