Student testimonial

Student Sofia Santillana Farakos - MSc Food Quality Management

I hold a degree in Biological Sciences with a specialisation in Molecular/CellBiology. The last year of my degree, I went to Finland to complete my bachelor thesis. Afterwards, I came back to Spain and started working in the lab in the quality assurance department of a meat company for a period of a year. This was my main reason for coming to Wageningen, to acquire more skills in the food science discipline. Within this discipline, food safety was the most technical and non-specific cluster and therefore, the reason for choosing it.

I have no complaints to make when it comes to education.


Regarding education, the teachers in Wageningen UR are really “on thespot”, you are not one of the many students for them and they pay attention to your wishes and aspirations. Additionally, they do a lot of research themselves and publish plenty of materials and articles. All these things make them extremely devoted and professional, which makes me filled with admiration. So in general, Wageningen helped me create a new vision of the world where the various cultures are more appreciated and I adapted myself to a more organised and fixed lifestyle. It has opened my mind to a new world I did not know of.

Future career

In the future I intend doing a PhD and then work in the fair trade participating in the agri-business in developing countries in Latin America as nowadays fair trade is at its boom. At present I am working on my thesis, which would be carried out together with my internship, so I will have much time for conducting the research and analysing the data. The topic of my thesis is microbiological contamination in slaughterhouses and the focus is on the effectiveness on food safety management systems.

Student life

About the city itself I would say that it is quite small, but cozy and organised. The only drawback is the weather, but the amount of students and the international atmosphere make it worthwhile. Inside Wageningen, the bike is necessary for transport and I really like it. Another issue when living in Wageningen is the student housing. I live in Dijkgraaf, in a very nice room, which I am really fond of. I go swimming, spinning and sometimes to body sculpture classes, yet you can find anything that you would like when it comes to doing sports.

Finally, I would say that if you like nature and peaceful surroundings, if you get nervous by crowds and want to get rid of them, Wageningen is the perfect place for you! The main thing that has to bring you here is the university…if you like people and also like studying this will be your paradise!

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