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Wageningen (the Netherlands, 40.000 inhabitants, 10.000 students) is one of the leading areas for Food Technology and Nutrition in the world. Besides the many groups within Wageningen University & Research working on Food Science and Nutrition, there are also numerous companies and research institutes in Wageningen.

Leading in Food Science and Nutrition

Wageningen University & Research (WUR) is listed as the number 2 in the world in the field of Food Science and Nutrition and as first in Europe. The ISI Web of Science lists WUR as third research institute in the world, but as second university after Cornell University (US) in the field of food science and technology.

Large faculty

Wageningen University & Research also offers high-level courses and research in all areas of food science, ranging from advanced technical fields such as Molecular Biology to fields with a more economic or sociological focus such as Marketing and Consumer Wishes. The Wageningen Food Science faculty is larger than that at any other European university, and includes professors and lecturers from a wide range of departments: Food Chemistry, Food Physics, Food Microbiology, Product Design and Quality Management, Food Process Engineering and Toxicology.

International student population

WUR has a very international student population, with on average students from over 30 nationalities taking part annually in the food programmes: Food Technology, Food Safety and Food Quality Management.

Food Valley

FoodValley is a publilc-private organisation which aims to promote food science research and industry in the region around Wageningen.

Food Valley stimulates innovation in the Dutch agro-food sector, with demand as its driving force. It acts on its 'conscience': the needs expressed by the business community. By partnering knowledge with enterprise, we ensure the wealth of food expertise in the Netherlands is put to optimal use. Over 100 companies and organisations are members of the Foodvalley Society.

For more information: FoodValley website

Member organisations: FoodValley Society

Food Sciences at Wageningen University & Research

Wageningen University & Research Study Programmes in Food Sciences:

All MSc programmes are taught completely in English at the Departments:

Graduate (PhD) School VLAG

Total number of staff in Food Science departments:

  • Full professors: 22
  • Associate and Assistant professors: approx. 60
  • PhD fellows: approx 85
  • Technical staff: approx. 30.

Food Sciences study association: Nicolas Appert

Research institutes in Wageningen