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Alumnus Hilbert Davelaar - MSc Geo-information Science

Hilbert Davelaar got a job as GIS adviser at Grontmij Nederland BV.

I was looking for a combination of geography and information technology.

Study programme

"It all started when, based on my interests, I had to make a choice between spatial planning and information science after finishing high school. I decided to go to Wageningen to study Landscape, Planning and Design. During this bachelor I soon got introduced to Geographical Information Systems. For me GIS was the perfect match of my interests, so I further specialized in this field. From this point of view, it was obvious that my bachelor was followed up by the MSc Geo-information Science (MGI).

The MGI-programme gave me all I was looking for: knowledge of the full scope of GIS and Remote Sensing (acquisition, storage, processing, analysis, presentation), a firm connection with solving spatial problems, a way of learning and working in which independency and initiative are encouraged, having lots of opportunities to choose my own direction of specialization and all this in an international setting. My thesis focussed on 3D Visualisation in relation with spatial planning, but as a result of the wide scope of the programme I could easily apply my knowledge and skills also on other topics in practice during my internship at Grontmij GIS & ICT.


Planning of my internship at the end of my study proved perfect: I could stay at Grontmij GIS & ICT as GIS consultant. Grontmij is one of Europe’s top consultancy and engineering firms. At Grontmij I’ve found a project-oriented, open and informal environment that encourages initiative and which is becoming more and more international. This is where my MGI-background proves very valuable: the attitude and the skills I acquired during my study fit well into such an environment.

Also with respect to content Grontmij GIS & ICT offers me what I’m looking for: a combination of geography and information technology. Just like the MGI-programme did. Projects that keep me busy in my job as GIS consultant deal with web based GIS applications, geoservices, spatial databases and all kind of GIS analysis and geoprocessing tasks. In all these projects customers are mainly governmental organisations: ministries, provinces, municipalities and water boards. Roles I fulfil within these projects vary from developer/specialist to consultant. I’m also more and more getting into project management and doing project leading tasks. In all these roles the broad background I’ve gained in the field of GIS by following the MGI-programme is fruitful.

I’m sure that in future I will keep on getting the benefits of my time in Wageningen. The knowledge and skills these years provided me with are the basis of my career."

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