Alumnus testimonial

Ludo Dings – Landscape architect

Ludo has studied landscape architecture at the master’s programme Landscape Architecture and Planning. After graduation he immediately initiated his career at West 8 urban design & landscape architecture in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. He is currently still working there as landscape architect.

I value my education at Wageningen University, because it enables me to approach a given problem from both a conceptual and an applied perspective.

Why did you choose the master’s Landscape Architecture and Planning?

“Initially I have started my study at van Hall-Larenstein in Velp to become a garden architect. During the first year of my Bsc programme: garden & landscape architecture, I became acquainted with related disciplines such as management of public spaces, realization, construction and landscape architecture. I was immediately intrigued by the complexities and scale of landscape architecture and wanted to pursue this discipline ever since.”

“Landscape architect is such an interesting profession that hardly ever becomes boring. It allows you to integrate and synthesize the work of numerous specialists such as hydrologists, architects and ecologists. Besides, it also enables you to work with a variety of enthusiastic people, ranging from government officials to privatized companies and residents.”

What have you done to prepare yourself for your future career?

“Throughout my studies I have always been working as a garden designer and as a landscaper. I constructed and maintained gardens, parks and forests. This experience was very valuable, because it has enriched me with a deep understanding about the complications between a fantastic design and its transformation into reality. Moreover, it has taught me to maintain professional relationships, planning and how to deal with responsibilities.” 

“After my master’s I have been enrolled in the Professional Experience Programme (PEP) to finalize my study in landscape architecture. I am happy to say that I have recently finalized this track and that I can now officially present myself as a landscape architect.”

What skills did you learn during your education that you still use in your current job?

“I value my education at Wageningen University, because it enables me to approach a given problem from both a conceptual and an applied perspective. This is related to the combination between engineering, design and science that is clearly present in this study. Being able to think and act from several perspectives is crucial to combine the work of other disciplines. This is one of the prime qualities of a landscape architect.”

“During my first two and a half year as a landscape architect I have been working on a variety of projects worldwide where one needs to comprehend and overcome complex cultural differences, behaviour, habits, languages, ways of working and time zones. Even before trying to understand, enable and convince the people about your ideas. Being able to switch between perspectives and to empathize with others is a true benefit in such situations.”

What are your plans for the future?

“Towards the future I am inclined to explore the world through a variety of interesting and challenging projects in different landscapes worldwide. Moreover, I would like to possibly combine this work with research and perhaps even teaching in the field of landscape architecture.”

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