Alumnus testimonial

Alumnus Martí Munar Palmer - MSc Molecular Life Sciences

“Hello, my name is Martí Munar Palmer, I’m 24 years old and originally from Mallorca, Spain. I studied for a BSc Degree in Biotechnology at the Technical University of Madrid in Spain. When I finished my bachelor’s degree, I decided to head off to Wageningen to study MSc Molecular Life Sciences (MML). At the moment, I am waiting to start my PhD in the Centre for Plant Biotechnology and Genomics (CBGP), located in Madrid."

The Master’s programme Molecular Life Sciences can open many doors, especially in the academic world

Career preparation

"I mainly chose the MML programme because it is the most research-oriented program that the WUR offers in the field of molecular biology. It has a research track that consists of learning how to write, research and pitch a research proposal for a PhD which was a key element for me to choose this program. The MML program has prepared me very nicely for my PhD. Especially the MSc Thesis and MSc Internship taught me valuable lab skills which I will use in the future. The projects the WUR departments offer are sublime and there are many possibilities to get a good internship if you come from the MML program."

Think about your goals

"If I had to give any advice on choosing a Master’s program, I would definitely say to make your choice based on the doors that your MSc can open for you. For instance, I was very interested in doing a PhD and starting a research career in academia, which is why I chose this program.”

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