Specialisation Molecular Plant Breeding and Pathology

Molecular approaches to analyse and change qualitative and quantitative traits in cultivated plants are highly effective to improve yield and quality of food and renewable resources, disease resistance and abiotic stress tolerance. Molecular plant breeding focuses on the application of molecular markers and genomics to explore natural variation and on the development of transgene technologies to expand genetic variation.


Molecular plant pathology aims at understanding and exploitation of plant-insect, plant-pathogen and crop-weed interactions and the development of new technologies for integrated plant health management. These technologies include improved molecular detection of pathogens and transgene technologies to introduce resistance genes into crops.


Courses for the specialisation Molecular Plant Breeding and Pathology are listed in the online Study Handbook.

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Students in this specialisation can do their major thesis at several different Chair Groups within Wageningen University. Visit their website to find out more about their research and possible thesis subjects: