Student testimonial

Student Matthijn de Boer - MSc Plant Biotechnology

After finishing his HLO-biotechnology training in Velp (Larenstein), Matthijn de Boer had a choice to continue studying or start working. "As I did not yet have the feeling I was personally involved with science, this was an easy choice for me. I wanted to be a real part of development and execution of experiments. Also my background was (too) broad, and I wanted to specialize in Plant Biotechnology."

My prime activity of course is performing laboratory experiments.

Study programme

"Time flew since I decided to come to Wageningen. Lectures and practical courses were very up-todate and the way courses are examined, applying knowledge in stead of hammering down definitions, suited me well. After eight months of lectures I started my six months major MSc thesis in the Laboratory of Virology, to work on the analysis of plant viruses and ways to generate virus resistant plants."


"After this thesis project, I wanted to do a second thesis abroad. With two additional scholarships and a very interesting research project on plant viruses in my pocket, I took a plane to the famous Berkeley University near San Francisco (USA) a month ago. Here, my prime activity of course is performing laboratory experiments. Still, discovering California, surely the most beautiful part of America, is a good second. Especially for outdoor activities such as rock-climbing, my passion, possibilities here are enormous. I am having the time of my life. Yosemite here I come!”

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