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Animal welfare and health are important. Of course first of all for the animals themselves. But livestock farmers and fish farmers also want their animals to have a healthy and good life. And consumers too find it important that the meat, dairy and eggs they buy are produced by healthy animals that have or had a good life.

Livestock farming is undergoing major changes due to innovations and social developments. There is a transition to a more sustainable, circular agrofood system. Research from Wageningen Livestock Research contributes to that transition.

Congratulations for the spirit of contributing with clear training that allows understanding animal genetic improvement from a production perspective, considering the conservation of diversity and animal welfare.
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40 experts work with innovative methods

Around 40 veterinarians, animal scientists, behavioural experts and physiologists work in our animal welfare and health department. Among other things, we investigate various types of housing systems. In order to measure objectively, we use smart farming tools: sensors, real-time monitoring, and big data analyses. With these we work on dashboards with early-warning and decision-support systems. This way a farmer can quickly intervene to guarantee the welfare of the animals.

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Multidisciplinary research

Because we connect knowledge from different domains, we can interpret animal welfare and health. In the future, a wide range of livestock farming systems will emerge with various (product) concepts for animal welfare and sustainability that consumers can choose from. With our knowledge and expertise we play an important role in this development.

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