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Alumna Floor Scheffers – MSc Nutrition and Health

Floor Scheffers first studied Nutrition and Dietetics in The Hague after which she started the MSc Nutrition and Health at the Wageningen University. During her study she was active in a committee and worked as a student coach. Then she returne to The Hague, working as a lecturer and simultaneously pursuing her wish to become a PhD.

I really like the diversity of my job; every day brings a new challenge


“I really enjoyed studying in The Hague but during my second year I discovered that I was looking for more depth and more knowledge. I liked the nutrition part, but the dietetics part not that much. Before my graduation I went to the open days in Wageningen and it became very clear to me: this is it! At first I feared the statistical part, but during my first year in Wageningen this was no problem at all, I actually really liked it. Therefore I chose specialisation Epidemiology and Public Health.”

Student coach

“To become more integrated with the University and Wageningen, since I did not study for my Bachelor’s degree in Wageningen, I joined the Programme Committee. In this committee my task was to contribute to the quality of the study programme. Eventually I became student coach of the MSc Nutrition and Health, which I have enjoyed a lot. Potential future students could ask me questions about the study programme and I was always present at the open days to give information and presentations.”


“Even before the official graduation ceremony of my MSc I started working as a lecturer for the BSc Nutrition and Dietetics at The Hague University of Applied Sciences, back to my roots! My lectures mainly include the topic of research. I have always thought about becoming a lecturer and while working as a student coach I discovered that I really like to make people enthusiastic about the study programme and the topic of Nutrition. When I was already working as a lecturer I participated in a 6-months training to improve my didactic skills. During this training I have learned a lot about didactics, coaching and other parts of education, such as reviewing and examinations. Being a lecturer is a pretty tough job! It is not only about giving lectures, but also about developing courses and coaching students. Also, I am part of a research group with some colleagues and supervise students during their internships and  their theses. I supervise all our dietetic students who write a thesis at the Wageningen University, so it is nice to visit them sometimes and also see Wageningen again. I really like the diversity of my job; every day brings a new challenge. But most important, I like the contact with the students and their enthusiasm and to see their personal development. ”

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